"Life may not be replete with the moments that pause your soul, the vivid memories of which cause your heart to beat differently, or make it hard to swallow. And all the better. Much of the beauty of those moments lies in their rarity -- in the awe of being in the right place, at the right time, a partaker in coincidence. And in finding a reason to believe in fate..."

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Penis Talks Cast, Director and Writer Posted by Hello
Ooh-la-lah! Went to Music Museum tonight for much-anticipated "Penis Talks"--Showbizdom's answer to very popular Vagina Monologues staged a few months back. Was quite tired already since I was up very early to judge at TIES in Market! Market! this morning, but somehow I still found the energy to go and watch men parade their "penis (es)" in artsy array. Long-overdue bonding moment also with Eda, whom I haven't seen and talked to in ages!!! We're both very busy really--me with work and aiesec, she with her thesis and tutorials...

Anyway, the play was funny and entertaining. But I found myself a little "bitin"--the episodes were short, the male sexuality issues that they emphasized over and over again were not presented thoroughly or dissected deep enough. The acting was good, esp for veteran Jenine Desiderio. Surprisingly good was Luis Alandy, who had two long solo pieces / monologues which he did deliver well. William Thio was disappointing though--he was overexagerrated with his facial expressions and line delivery (he was cute pa nman!). Ricci Chan is superb! Kudos to Dulaang UP for producing another Class A Talent (haha.. love your own! Ü). Christian Vasquez was believable as a gay macho action star--hmmm... one would wonder if he really is indeed gay in real life! (That is the tsismis db?) Lighting, costumes and set were minimal, but effective. Music was so-so..some of they lyrics I couldn’t understand well (even if my favorite part was the Awit ng Mga Titi Ep). I guess I just enjoyed more of the songs playing while were waiting for the show to start! (gotta get me one of those 70s backtrack CDs!).

Waiting for it the play to start is another story.. I was both bored and entertained at different intervals during the hour-long waiting period. Spent time searching for cuties (to no avail!), but found out that half of the audience was either gay or matroninis… I felt so out of place! To keep ourselves busy, Eds and I decided to pursue other worthwhile activities—we took silly pictures every second and played with text twist! Haha Ü Later on, my interest shifted to celebrity-watching…

It was a Starstruck evening indeed l! I was counting down the celebrities whom I've seen in the audience (for my report to Mama the next day!--in order of "appearance"): Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero, Joel Lamangan, Ciara Sotto, Izza Calzado, Ricky Lo (and Ricky Lee!), Beverly Salviejo, Boy Abunda, Rey Pumaloy, Jean Garcia and Gardo Versoza (now officially a couple! My eyes are my witness!) and Desiree del Valle. For avid showbiz fanatic like moi, this was indeed a dream come true! hahaha Ü Eda was only laughing at me, but I guess it comes with the family: I was raised in an environment where chismis-slash-pinoy hollywood gossip was part of everyday conversations--The Buzz and included! It's a fun hobby, to know about the personal lives of celebrities, but when the tables have turned (read: office gossip), you realize that it's not really fun, nor decent, after all. I'm lucky I haven't been yet the subject of any malicious gossip in the office, which my mom has been warning me about almost everyday (thank God for field work!).. and, I'm not even waiting to be subjected to any of that at all in the future!

Over-all, I enjoyed my freshman experience at the Music Museum--japanese paper umbrellas in overpriced banana shakes included. Can't wait for Menopause the Musical next week! Ü